Character Bees Program

The Horizon Character Bees Program is the Academy’s Positive Approach to Discipline credo exemplified. Integral to the program are the following 5 Expectations of Behaviour:

  • Be There Be Ready char-bees
  • Be Respectful
  • Be Responsible
  • Be Thoughtful
  • Be Attentive.

Students from Pre-Kinder onward are taught about these expectations – and are expected to meet them. The expectations are posted in each classroom and in common areas of the
school. Teachers “speak the language” of the expectations, by constantly reminding students that they should be prepared, responsible, respectful, thoughtful, and attentive.

When students exhibit the expected behaviours, they are given “bees” by their teachers. These bees are collected carefully, for they are not merely tangible proof of good behaviour, they are also redeemable for rewards.

Rewards in the Character Bees Program are levelled and students can choose to redeem their rewards once a week. Students benefit doubly from collecting bees, since they can enjoy both their individual rewards and the class rewards that come from the points the class gains as a group.

Horizon Academy believes strongly in the benefits of positive reinforcement and considers these 5 behavioural expectations to be the code of conduct by which every student should live.