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The Horizon Family

Led by a 9-member Board of Directors which is elected by the parents and commissioned to serve for two years, Horizon Academy is captained by Mrs. Dian Maheia, the Principal. Ms Di, as she is fondly known, is a teacher by profession who also served in an administrative position in the Ministry of Education for three years. The
combination of these experiences has adequately prepared her to lead Horizon Academy, and her insight, her far reaching vision, and her genuine love for children are notably significant in her position.

The faculty, 13 teachers with full time responsibility, one Special Education resource teacher, and 2 teachers with part time status, lead their classrooms with precision and love, and guide and encourage their students to perform at their highest potential. Their qualifications vary from Associate’s degrees to Bachelor’s degrees,
and their years of experience from 4 to 36, but the common factor that runs through all of them is a sincere love for what they do and an unwavering commitment to the students entrusted to their care.

The Office Manager, the School Warden, the Cafeteria Manager and the Security Officer/ Groundskeeper make up the present staff roster. One other person completes the staff – in an unofficial capacity. Ms. Alice Castillo, known to the students as “Grandma”, comes in and out regularly and assists in whatever way she can. A retired
teacher with over 32 years of teaching and administrative experience, Grandma willingly shares her expertise, her creativity, and her passion for education with the school she helped to found.

Horizon Academy does not have a PTA, but since parents are encouraged to be partners in their children’s education and in all activities promoted by the school, they either volunteer or agree readily when asked to help out in these activities. Their help ranges from giving monetary or in-kind donations, to buying tickets
for school sponsored events, to actually running a stall or helping to plan an event. Horizon Academy’s parents very often give proof to one of Kahlil Gibran’s famous insights: “You give but little when you give of your possessions; it is when you give of yourself that you truly give.”