policy-banner2Admissions Policy

Horizon Academy has a non-discriminatory policy which admits students of any race, colour, nationality, and/or ethnic origin to all the rights, privileges, programs, and activities which are available to students at the Academy.

General Admission Requirements:

  • Student’s birth certificate or passport
  • Baptismal certificate, if applicable
  • Immunization records
  • Student’s most recent report card, if applicable
  • Proof of custody for students not living with either or both biological parents

Age Requirements:

  • Students must have reached the age of 3 by September 30 in order to be eligible for the Pre-Kinder program.
  • Students must have reached the age of 4 by September 30 in order to be eligible for the Kindergarten program.
  • Students must have reached the age of 5 by September 30 in order to be eligible for Infant.

policy-bannerReadiness testing, at the discretion of school administration, may be used to determine appropriate class placement. The administration reserves the right to place students in a class which is consistent with the results of admission testing and/or the prior academic records of the student.

Prospective students who do not speak English are strongly encouraged to attend ESL classes before and during enrollment at the Academy until they achieve functional fluency.


Admissions Procedure

Horizon Academy seeks candidates who demonstrate readiness for success in the school’s programs and whose families share the values and mission of the school. The school believes that the experiences of all students are enriched by individuals from diverse backgrounds, so Horizon Academy admits children regardless of race, religion, and national or ethnic origin.

Horizon Academy utilizes a “rolling admissions” process, meaning that students may apply at any time, including admission by trimester. An Application Packet may be requested from the school’s office at any time. An official evaluation of the candidate for admission purposes will begin only when the candidate’s file is complete, including payment of the application fee.

When the forms in the Application Packet have been completed and returned to the school, an on-campus interview and evaluation will be scheduled. The principal will review applications and select candidates who have qualities that suggest success in the program, philosophy, and environment of Horizon Academy.

In certain circumstances, the school may recommend additional testing or supportive data from outside professionals or reapplication at a later date. Parents should recognize that evaluating children at these young ages is not an exact science and changes in maturity levels can take place rapidly. The school staff will use its best professional judgment in determining when each child is ready to enter Horizon Academy.

If a student meets the qualifications for matriculation in Horizon Academy and there is an opening in the appropriate grade level, a letter of acceptance and an enrolment contract will be sent to the family. Because the school has more qualified students than we can accommodate, prompt acceptance of the contract by the parents is important.

If a student meets the qualifications for matriculation but the appropriate class is full, parents will be informed that their child has been placed in the Wait Pool. Students are not ranked in any particular order in this Wait Pool. When an opening becomes available, the school will offer an enrollment contract to the child the school believes is the best candidate to join that particular class.

Horizon Academy accepts all applicants in good faith and genuinely hopes that all qualified candidates will be able to become members of our school community. Because our classes are kept intentionally small and the demand for the school is high, we may, however, be unable toaccommodate all qualified candidates or to estimate a time when grade-level openings may become available.

Thank you sincerely for your interest in Horizon Academy.