School Counselor

Ms. Esther Babalola

School Counselor and H.F.L.E teacher (Std 5 & 6)

Ms. Esther Babalola is a young and vibrant teacher who has been with us here at Horizon Academy for two years now. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work; this makes her very capable of being our school counselor and H.F.L.E teacher.

Ms. Esther has a passion for children and an enthusiasm for learning. She seeks out every opportunity possible to make things better. Her energy and drive are assets here at Horizon Academy, and she feels that she is well on her way to meeting all her personal goals. She enjoys singing, dancing, and laughing. Yes, laughing; she is a very joyous person. She also enjoys spending time with God, and she tries her best to impart what she can to the people around her.

Every day, Ms. Esther looks forward to her experiences at Horizon. She believes every day brings a new opportunity to make things right; the wrong that was done yesterday can be done differently today.

Another motto that guides her is the principle of doing unto others as you would want done to you. That is why consideration for others plays a huge role in her life. Overall, Ms. Esther is contented within herself and blissfully happy with her job.