Organic Gardening & Physical Education

Mr. Freeman Gongora

Organic Garden, Physical Education and Swiming teacher

Mr. Freeman Gongora, also known as Mr. G, joined our staff in April 2012. He is 24 years old, which makes him the youngest teacher on staff here at Horizon Academy.

Mr. Gongora is a student at St. John’s College Junior College, with two classes to complete in order to obtain his Associate’s degree in Primary Education. He teaches Garden Crafts, footbal and Swimming as part of our Expressive Arts and Sports program,he also teaches Organic Gardening and Physical Education.

Mr. G is always happy and smiling, quiet and willing to help the students in whatever project they are undertaking. He believes that education is one of the main factors in a person’s life that helps to mold that person into the individual he or she truly aspires to be.