Dian Maheia


Ms. Di is Horizon Academy’s Principal and part of the team that founded this beloved little school. Born and raised in Belize City, Ms. Di attended St. Catherine Academy and then St. John’s College Junior College before winning a Fulbright Scholarship and moving on to the University of Louisville in Kentucky, where she graduated cum laude with a Bachelor’s in English.

She returned home to teach English and Literature at S.C.A., where she remained quite happily for the next 12 years. When she started her family, she decided to stay at home for a while, but that time was interwoven with work at the Ministry of Education, where she spearheaded the Secretariat for the planning and execution of the National Education Summit in 2004 and published In Search of Reform. She then went on to work directly with the then Minister of Education and the Chief Education Officer to compile the Ministry’s Action Plan 2005 – 2010 and monitor its progress.

During this period, Ms. Di also worked with Macmillan Caribbean publishers as an editorial consultant and writer, collaborating on various series and working with teachers in Belize and throughout the Caribbean. Together with her mom, Horizon’s resident Grandma, she created and delivered courses based on speaking and writing better English and published Practice Makes Perfect, a book designed to help students to develop and improve their comprehension skills.

Ms. Di has been an integral part of the concept development and the establishment of Horizon Academy. Today she continues to enjoy the challenges of each day at school, with the best part of the day always being the smiles and the hugs from the 100 plus children she loves.

She is happily married and has three children of her own, Mara, Billy, and David. Her faith centers her, her school keeps her grounded, and her little family
completes her.