Std. 2 Teacher

Mrs. Lucy McDonald was born in Punta Gorda, Toledo, and attended St. Peter Claver Primary School then High School. She started her teaching career in 1965 at San Luis Rey School in San Antonio, Toledo. In 1968, she migrated to Belize City, where she started to teach at Holy Redeemer Primary School. She soon passed the First Class Teachers Exam then, in 1969, started at the Belize Teachers' College, where she earned her Teacher's Diploma. Then she went back to Holy Redeemer Primary.  In 1972 she sat and passed the ACP (Associate College of Preceptors) exam. After 30 years at Holy Redeemer, she retired.

After retirement, Mrs. McDonald and another teacher started a preschool called the Good Samaritan School downstairs of the Civic Centre. In 2003, she started teaching at Hummingbird Elementary School, where she stayed for 9 years. After retiring from there, she stayed home for about two years, but still stayed busy. She volunteered to help with communion services and prayers at the Mercy Clinic and with intercessory prayers at SCA, until 2016, when she was asked to join the Horizon family.