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Horizon Academy

Horizon Academy

Placing new steps of change...

Horizon Academy also offers online only registration. While the pandemic brought us so many challenges, the fruits borne of working to overcome these obstacles have had its advantages. One major advantage of our school’s response to the global pandemic was our ability to adjust and adapt to offering schooling in an entirely different way. Our students who weren’t able to come to a physical classroom were able to sign-in to their class meeting and virtually join their in-person classmates throughout their scheduled school day.
Without skipping a beat, Horizon Academy continues to offer this online service to students who for whatever reason are unable to make it into the physical classroom. Are you out-district but looking for a quality private school experience? Or maybe traveling with your family out of the country for medical reasons? Your child is still able to be a part of the Horizon Academy Family. With Horizon Academy’s Online Learning Platform, students are able to sign-in for live classes while communicating and collaborating with their teachers and classmates on a set daily schedule. Tracking and submitting work is easy with the school’s custom online platform. Sign-up for online only registration today!

Welcome to Horizon Academy. We provide excellence in education in a dynamic, holistic environment.

Online Classes

A complete curriculum of Academic and Expressive Arts courses are delivered through engaging, meaningful learning activities.

Strong Academics

Both face to face and online classes include the core academic subjects as well as classes in physical education, music, and art.

Special Education

Students with diagnosed or suspected Special Education needs receive targeted support in the classroom, through pull out sessions, and with the creation of IEPs.

Student Services

Our full time counselor leads whole school character-building, service driven activities in each trimester. Counseling services are provided in both online and face to face sessions.

Expressive Arts & Sports

This program compliments the academic course offerings and adds to the holistic development by offering students additional classes in non-traditional areas.

Positive Discipline

Children are encouraged to learn and to live the values of the school's Character Bees: Be There, Be Ready; Be Respectful; Be Responsible; Be Thoughtful; Be Attentive.

We are Child-centered and Holistic

Education breeds confidence. Confidence breeds hope. Hope breeds peace.

Horizon Academy is committed to providing a  happy, healthy, постельное белье купить safe environment for each child. In a learning environment like this, children blossom into well balanced, positive, productive плед купить киев members of society.  

We are Inclusive and Progressive

Inclusion is a belief system. It begins with the belief that every child has strengths to build on, interests to share, and experiences to honor.

Message from our principal

Horizon Academy was born out of a passion for education, a love for children, and an aspiration for excellence from a core group of parents who believe that every child should be given the opportunity to meet and exceed his or her true potential.

The efforts have been купить набор кастрюль по акции focused and consistent, the faith and the vision unwavering. The result is truly the product of synergy. купити сковорідку Horizon Academy is proof that dedication and hard work can indeed make dreams a reality.   

Because your child deserves to shine

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Online Classes Available

Enrollment for the school year 2023-2024 is now open. Apply today!

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