About us

Horizon Academy: Placing New Steps of Change...

Established in 2009, Horizon Academy was born out of a passion for education, a love for children, and an aspiration for excellence from a core group of parents and educators who believe that every child should be given the opportunity to meet and exceed his or her true potential.

 Our efforts have been focused and consistent, the faith and the vision unwavering.  The result is truly the product of synergy.  Horizon Academy is proof that dedication and hard work can indeed make dreams a reality.

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"Holistic education demands that schools do more than have children read what is in their books. We should open their eyes to new experiences, challenge them to think, to create, to build, to explore."

Dian Maheia

Founder, Horizon Academy

Our Programs and Services

Horizon Academy offers a dynamic holistic academic and expressive arts and sports program in comparison with other privately operated schools in the city.

The academic curriculum includes classes in an integrated Language Arts program that includes Reading, Comprehension, Grammar, Spelling, Phonics, and Writing. Math, Social Studies, Science, Spanish, and Information Technology round out the core curriculum. In addition, all students participate in Physical Education, Art, Music, and Organic Gardening.

The Expressive Arts and Sports program offers students choices in the fine, practical, and performing arts and a wide range of sporting disciplines. Students must choose a maximum of three options per school year from the following categories: Swimming, Football, Tennis, Art, Dance, Arts and Crafts, and Choir.

Students spread over 11 classes.
Special Needs Students integration.
Teaching faculty with 5 men and 12 women.
Students teacher ratio, for proper attention on child.

Horizon's Core Values

Horizon Academy is a client-focused and result-driven private school that provides different learning approaches and experiences at an affordable cost to interested parents. We strive to ensure that our students’ best interests always come first and to abide by the core values listed below.

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Horizon Academy offers a school-wide positive discipline program called the Character Bee program. This program was designed to enforce school rules in a fun and easy-to-remember way. These behavioral expectations are emphasized and promoted in all areas of school life:

Four Founding Principles

Horizon Academy’s strength lies in its demonstrated ability to provide a sound academic foundation with a wide range of non-traditional lessons and activities in order to equip students for a truly holistic primary school education. This education is delivered in a caring, nurturing environment where students feel safe and happy and know that they are part of a family.
Horizon Academy has remained true to its founding principles.

Live the Life of Your Dreams: Be brave enough to live the life of your dreams according to your vision and purpose instead of the expectations and opinions of others.

Roy T. Bennett

The Light in the Heart

Our Vision

By 2022, Horizon Academy will be operating with stronger financial stability and will be equipped with improved infrastructure. Students will benefit from modern academic and technological facilities and will be achieving recognition for high proficiency in all areas.

Our Mission

To provide a challenging international education in a progressive environment which focuses on the development of the whole child as a national and global citizen

Horizon's Accomplishments

During its eleven years of existence, Horizon Academy has worked unceasingly to make an impact in the community as proof of its worth as an educational institution. We recognize the following as some of the school’s notable accomplishments:

Organizational Structure

Horizon Academy is currently run by a Principal who oversees the daily management and operation of the school. The Principal is assisted by  a Vice-Principal and 2  Heads of Department, one for Special Education Services, and one for Student Services. The business office is managed by an Office Manager, and a Bursar handles the accounting and financial operations of the school.
There is a full time staff of 16, which includes a School Counsellor and a PE teacher/ Sports Coordinator as well as a security/ janitor/ handyman. There are 2 part time staff for music and art, and 5 teachers in the Special Education Division who act as support teachers and shadows for Special Needs students.
A Board of Directors acts as the managing authority for the school.